CNC: How Hard Can it Be - Melvin Wolgamott

CNC: How Hard Can it Be

By Melvin Wolgamott

  • Release Date: 2013-04-14
  • Genre: Engineering


My simple eBook contains clear cut Step by step instructions to help you achieve exciting results. Critical information on how to get your CNC router up and running quickly. Instantly giving you dependable repeatable results. Uncover the secrets your missing to unleash the power of your imagination, Convenient downloads in quality formats allow you to read this eBook in many formats and on many devices. This eBook contains 15 easy to understand chapters with many photo's to help unlock powerful solutions ,get it now!

CNC machining has been a goal of mine since the mid 90’s I had been on web site called Mach 3 gaining information in the CNC world. Most of the information in this eBook is available in various places on the internet and in college courses.

However until this publishing it has not been available in an organized, easy to read eBook format. Organized in a chronological order, uncover required software and steps for proper functioning complete CNC system. I have put much thought and tips into this eBook unleash the exciting power with instant download.

This eBook is guaranteed to be of benefit to you, information gained is worth ten times the money. The eBook step by step walks through a four (4) process project in making a cribbage board, this project is 2.5-D not the minimum 2.0-D. As this is a proven best seller, of all my products the price will go up at the end of the month at all sites that carry it.

I am semi-retired and live in northern MI and find myself with time on my hands. Hence the publishing of the CNC eBook. I have run many machines over my career, from mechanical repair to designer of LED street lights. Most of my experience has been self taught with some minor mentoring. I do have an AS certificate at a community college. Hopefully this is the first of many eBooks published by myself. Keep an open mind and by all means make comments.

Again This eBook is guaranteed to be of some benefit to you or your money back.

Thank you for your interest in my publication.